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"Thanks to Tania and James for showing me how to care and maintain my aging body using excercise, stretching and therapy. And for the ability to do ongoing personal body maintenance after therapy. What a great experience and wonderful staff !!"
Jan 25, 2022
"Lyndsay snd staff are extremely professional and knowledgeable. My first time doing physical therapy and had noticeable results within just 3 sessions! All listened, assessed and directed to where I am pain free. I would give my highest recommendation to Lyndsay BBC and the staff at Pacer. "
Jan 24, 2022
"As a retired family practice physician I am aware of the benefits of good physical therapy. I can highly recommend Pacer clinic. All the staff from Tiffany in reception through the physical therapy aides, to Ian the therapist have been excellent. I really appreciate the hands on approach and I am impressed with the knowledge level of the therapists. "
Jan 20, 2022
"After recent knee surgery I had such a wonderfully positive experience at Pacer for PT. Danny and James are compassionate, knowledgeable and just plain nice people. I felt so comfortable at all my appointments and made amazing progress! Go with Pacer… you will be in good hands "
Dec 16, 2021
"Nothing but positive things to say about the staff and assistants @ Pacer. Had a chance to work with Austin for the last several months to address a persistent knee problem. He ensured I was progressing based on my knee’s response and kept things challenging, which should position me well to get back to running again without pain."
Dec 07, 2021
"This team is truly amazing. My first time at Pacer PT was summer 2013 after a total shoulder replacement, my surgeon recommended Tania and after 1 visit I immediately knew I was in good hands. My new shoulder has been great ever since. I have since been to Pacer PT for other orthopedic post surgeries therapy and to even have PT to bypass surgery on my hip. Danny knows his stuff too! He recently got me thru knee arthroscopic surgery and then rehab on a total new knee!! They listen to me and what my issues are, how I feel during the weeks of re-hab. If I hit a wall, they came up with options. Their dedication, expertise and knowledge as well as” tough-love” – yet caring ways to push me thru the hard times definitely helped my recovery. The entire team ALWAYS treats me with respect and compassion. This includes the admin staff – Cheryl and Hema -both are always helpful with scheduling and insurance billing. And ALL the PT assistants are terrific and so supportive as they work with me on our exercises. I have observed how everyone who comes into Pacer PT Clinic is treated like family, with dedication & focused attention and I know that helps everyone's healing process!! I will not go to any other PT team if I ever need physical therapy in the future! This team SOARS way above other PT facilities I have been to in years past. "
Nov 22, 2021
"I’ve been to multiple physical therapy facilities. Pacer is by far the very best. They are professional, welcoming, nice and really work you to get better. They are fantastic! I really appreciate they work the do with me to improve my life. I can’t recommend them enough!!! Thank you Pacer! "
Nov 22, 2021
"If you need PT, these guys are the JAM!!! The entire staff is friendly, knowledgeable and supportive. You break it, they fix it!"
Nov 16, 2021
"Had therapy in San Ramon on several occasions over the years, and have been very pleased with results. Heather is my favorite therapist; always professional, attentive to your needs and goal oriented. Heather and her assistant Jason are the best!"
Nov 15, 2021
"I am feeling so much better after just a few sessions at Pacer. Everyone was so friendly and made me feel at ease. Austin was sure to listen to my concerns and create an exercise plan that was perfect. I felt like I had individualized attention with Gus and James helping. Cheryl was amazing in getting me in when there were cancellations. Overall, they exceeded my expectations."
Nov 09, 2021
"Following lumbar surgery four years earlier, nerve damaged caused severe muscle atrophy in my right calf. Complications from recent revision surgery resulted in an extended hospital stay and on discharge, my right leg was very weak. Several falls later (with one fractured my wrist!), I began my physical therapy at Pacer Physical Therapy in Walnut Creek, which I just completed! I can’t thank Tanya and her team enough for my substantial mobility improvement. Beginning with core strengthening, my program continued to progress to leg muscle development, balance, and ultimately upper body strength. Tanya was my cheerleader, gently pushing and encouraging me along the way. Having had physical therapy in the past, I haven’t been this strong in four years. I highly recommend them! "
Oct 20, 2021
"Love the experience at the Walnut Creek office. The staff was the best. Austin, James, Tanya, Cheryl. They treated me well and took me from walking in on crutches to leaving running. Would highly recommend to anyone who wants to regain their life activities after surgery.."
Oct 05, 2021
"Such a good experience with the staff at Pace PT in San Ramon . Courteous , on time, professional. My therapist Lindsey and her associate Chelsea were awesome to say the least . Lynsey is so knowledgeable and I felt completely assured that I was well taken care of . I was in crippling pain when I started my treatments and in zero pain when I was finished . I highly recommend the “crew” at this facility !! "
Sep 24, 2021
"I highly recommend the entire professional staff at Pacer. Because of Austin’s and Tanya’s physical therapy program, I was able to achieve my goal of strengthening my knee within three months after my total right knee replacement. The staff assistants were also very personable and helpful in my recovery. I was also quite pleased with the friendliness and efficiency of Cheryl at the front desk."
Sep 09, 2021
"If I could rate Austin at Pacer a 10 out of 5, I would. It is hard to accurately describe how important he has been to my recovery. His constant care, patience, kindness, sympathy and expertise were exactly what I needed, even before I knew what I needed. At a time when I trusted almost no one, Austin gently moved me forward to a point where I trusted him more than almost anyone to keep me on the road to recovery. I could hardly give up my sessions with Austin when he told me I didn't need him anymore. Just this morning, as I passed Pacer on my daily 3 mile walk (from hardly being able to walk across the room not too long ago), I thought of Austin and the enormous appreciation I have for him. Thank you to him and everyone at Pacer. I saw and heard ALL of you and marveled at the patience and skill you exhibited during my time with you."
Sep 08, 2021
"I have a set of musculoskeletal injuries as well as fibromyalgia. This team is my best support, they help keep me going. Thank you for being there for us (patients). "
Mar 29, 2021
"This place is amazing! My kids and I have been to many PTs in the area but none come close. Very professional, scientific, and highly committed to clients. The investment in clients is clear, attention is detailed and treatment catered to each individual. We really couldn't have asked for better care or treatment!! Highly recommend!"
Feb 22, 2021


This place is amazing! My kids and I have been to many PTs in the area but none come close. Very professional, scientific, and highly committed to clients. The investment in clients is clear, attention is detailed and treatment catered to each individual. We really couldn't have asked for better care or treatment!! Highly recommend!

- Florencia S.

I am really thankful for all your help in my recovery, with the treatment received at the clinic and exercises prescribed. I live a very active life that would not be possible without your help. After my recovery, I was able to take up my training again and I was able to complete 2 full Ironman triathlons, 1 Half Ironman triathlon, 2 Half Marathons, and tons of miles running and cycling. THANKS!!

- Martin

The main reason I have been going to the same PT for nearly 20 years -- results. Pacer's caring and professional approach has been a constant for me -- a necessary aspect to me overall healthcare given the neurological and orthopedic issues that have plagued me for years. Every year it's something new combined with the old and they always figure it out! They are like the Stanford/UCSF/Mayo Clinic of PT for me... I hesitate in saying that because it will be harder to get in to see them if everybody goes there!

- Marlys

I just wanted to thank Pacer Physical Therapy. They have been helping with my rehab and they are wonderful!!! Katie and Dan are very detailed in their treatment and know exactly how to deliver the best care. Also, the physical therapist assistants are wonderful as well. Brian is very helpful to all my needs during treatment. Finally, I want to thank Cheryl and Fatima for all their hard work with my insurance. They followed up with them numerous times to make sure that I got the treatment for which I was approved and scheduled me immediately! Thank you, Pacer!!!

- Matt

I could not possibly put into words how absolutely fantastic Pacer Physical Therapy has been for me. I cannot imagine a more caring, dedicated, compassionate, and talented staff! I had 2 back surgeries and a hip surgery in the past 1 ½ years. I was referred to Tania at Pacer Physical Therapy. Her knowledge and expertise is far beyond anything for which I could have hoped. She works one-on-one with me and has devised an individual program for me at the clinic and for me at home. When I started with Tania, it was difficult to walk, bending was not possible, and turning over in bed was challenging. With her patience, encouragement, and extraordinary competence, I now walk 2 miles and can do many of the things that were part of my pre-surgery life. I feel stronger each day. I am so grateful I found Pacer Physical Therapy and had the pleasure and honor of working with Tania. I describe her to friends as someone who "walks on water." In so many ways, she really saved my life. I did work with another therapist at Pacer on a few occasions and was also totally impressed with the high quality of care and genuine concern.

- Karen

When I moved to California, I had a serious neck issue and went to an orthopedic surgeon. He said the only solution was surgery. I wanted that to be the last option. I found a PT who does manual therapy. I've used various physical therapists for injuries during my life and have found that Pacer Physical Therapy had wonderful reviews and in no time it felt like I had struck gold. ​It took only a couple of months to heal with treatments improved my posture as well. With their assessment they determined my issues and quickly went to work and solving my problems. I walked away feeling great and was fully functional. Anytime I have a physical problem now, I'm going to rush to Pacer for relief.

- Elliot

I was prescribed physical therapy in 2017 and 2020 and was treated at Pacer Physical Therapy on both occasions. I found the staff to be both dedicated and extremely professional, skillful, knowledgeable and supportive under the leadership of Tania Bajada, PT, one of the owners. I was very pleased with the outcome of the therapy treatments I received, which also included written instructions for exercises to be done at home. I highly recommend Pacer's services to anyone who requires physical therapy.

- Catherine

I am very impressed with the physical therapy I received at Pacer. I received excellent care that helped me to recover much more quickly than I expected. I also was able to rebuild my strength as well as mobility. I would highly recommend the staff at Pacer to anyone needing physical therapy.

- Ann

I wanted to thank you for all the great care you have given me during my physical therapy treatments. Everyone here has been really friendly and helpful. Thank you for giving me such great care.

- Cindy

I couldn't ask for a better physical therapy clinic! I love the staff at PACER PHYSICAL THERAPY in Walnut Creek! They are an exceptional team of professionalism, competency and proficiency. Their quality of care is unparalleled. Since I am seeing them during COVID, the safety procedures were in place (guests and staff wearing masks, sanitized pens, hand sanitizer, taking temperatures, cleaning surfaces between treatments, separated chairs in the waiting area, etc.). My orthopedist recommended PACER PHYSICAL THERAPY for my increasing lower back pain. Danny, one of the owners of Pacer has been working with me. I appreciate how patient and attentive he is. He was able to target the areas in my lower back that were causing me discomfort, with different exercises and a recovery plan that I can do at home. They love their job and that makes it a place where I am always happy to go and I always leave feeling better.

- Carolyn

I was fortunate enough to have Pacer Physical Therapy recommended to me after my hip replacement surgery. During my recovery, Pacer provided expert and individualized attention that allowed me to get back on my feet. Because of their care, I was able to join my family on a European vacation, where I walked over a hundred miles. Thanks to Pacer for taking such good care of me and minimizing my recovery time. I give them five plus stars!

- John

Pacer is THE BEST. I have had years of PT for a variety of conditions. The therapists and staff at Pacer are the best anywhere. I can't say enough good things about the patient care they provide.

- Justine

My experience with Pacer Clinic began with rehabilitation of repaired rotator cuff. I was met by Tania and Danny Bajada, lead Physical Therapists and owners of Pacer Clinic who demonstrated extreme professionalism and expertise from the moment that I encountered them. Each session was individualized and dedicated to my particular need at that moment. Ever during the trying times of rehab, they maintained that skilled level of care that always encouraged me to keep working. My "homework" was clear and well designed. They were able to follow my progress with excellent notes and staffing. Their PT assistants followed with clear and precise treatment. As it turned out, I had not one but three rotator cuff repairs. Indeed, two years of excellent, friendly and successful rehabilitation. It is with pleasure that I recommend Pacer Clinic to all for its level of dedication to patient recovery and well being. It feels like a homecoming every time you walk through the door.

- Alice

What can I say - I absolutely love working with the Pacer Clinic and Tania & I know you will too. They not only helped me heal my many ailments but improved the quality of my life. I would recommend the Pacer Clinic to anyone. Tania takes time to listen and offers helpful, constructive advice. She is super kind and very knowledgeable and I am so glad I met her.

- Sue

My wife and I began using Pacer Physical Therapy when Tania and Danny Bajada first purchased the company. At our ages, creaks and groans are not uncommon but we have limited our patronage to broken this or damaged that. The ownership and staff of Pacer are consummate professionals who not only administer to one's physical problems but makes you a part of their 'family.' This well equipped and professionally staffed firm is unique in that, after your first visit, you are greeted at the front desk by first name and with a smile. Therapy is tailored to your particular malady and, if prescribed by a medical doctor, is billed to your applicable insurance. We highly recommend Pacer Physical Therapy to those in need of a tailored rehab program.

- John & Sharon

So grateful for PACER and their talented and skilled therapists. I and my teenaged children have received outstanding care, which has enabled us to effectively get back to our normal way of life including participating in sports!!! The entire staff is incredibly professional, supportive and accommodating. Thank you!!!

- Tricia

Pacer, run by Tania and her husband Danny Bajada, is always my first choice for a physical therapy referral made by a physician or physician’s assistant. Therapists are friendly, kind, well trained and treat every client with dignity. They very patiently explain all procedures before you are expected to follow their guidance. I cannot recommend these folks more highly. My husband and I have both received help. They aided my recovery from two shoulder surgeries and one hip replacement surgery.

- Linda

This is my third time of doing PT under the guidance and encouragement of Danny. I’m sure the other members of the team are excellent too but I have worked with Danny. He has helped me gain full range of motion in both shoulders after having them replaced. He is kind, compassionate and very competent as a Physical Therapist. I would return here again in the future if I need help again. Thank you one and all for making my experience at Pacer so positive.

- Joyce